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Post-Doc Environmental assessment of negative emissions technologies H/F

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Post-Doc Environmental assessment of negative emissions technologies H/F




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1. Realize LCAs of different NETs, such as BECCS, DACCS, afforestation, carbon integration in soils... A focus will be done on the agricultural step of BECCS / afforestation (characterization of inputs needed: water, fertilizers, pesticides, following different management sequences).
2. Integrate temporal dynamics in the assessment of climate change. In the last decade, LCA researchers have developed dynamic methods addressing time dependent impacts as a function of time, yet restricted primarily to the IPCC GWP indicator. Dynamic Life Cycle Impact Assessment considers the timing of an emission occurrence by means of temporal differentiated emission profiles.
3. Apply sensitivity and uncertainty analysis to NETs. Data for NETs suffer from gaps and incomplete information. Therefore research is needed to include uncertainty quantification means and implement methods adapted to such emerging, low-TRL technologies. Comparison of local (partial matrix based derivatives) and global sensitivity analysis (Sobol index, Monte Carlo sampling) will be performed if time allows.
4. Extend the analysis to large-scale development. Environmental impacts assessment should go beyond the analysis of individual chains, as it is necessary to understand the potential impacts caused by some industrial deployment. Indirect effect such as land use change will be analyzed, depending on the type of technologies and on the scale of expansion.

Critères candidat


  • Français (Courant)
  • Anglais (Courant)

Diplôme(s), niveau d'études

To apply for this position, applicants should have a Distinction/First class
grade PHD degree in technology energy systems, environmental assessment or a related field

Expérience(s) professionnelle(s) souhaitée(s) (nature, durée, précisez si débutant accepté)

Previous experience or good knowledge on environmental assessment

Compétences techniques et aptitudes

Good communication and technical writing skills
Strong knowledge in:

Simapro or OpenLca software
Carbon dynamics
Climate mecanism and LCA
Process Engineering

Information publication

Accessible aux personnes porteuses d'un handicap :